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Tipo Anno accademico Titolo Autore file(s)
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2021/2022 Black British Writing : the narrative of Bernardine Evaristo and her novel 'Girl, Woman, Other'. TIBERIO, CHIARA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2022/2023 British- West Indian novelists’ sense of alienation and conflicting worlds: Joan Riley and Caryl Phillips CARDARELLI, CONCETTA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2021/2022 Charlotte Brontë: Shirley e la condizione delle donne vittoriane DI GENOVA, ENZA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2022/2023 Cloud Nine: Gender Issues and Sexual Identities GIULIANI, MICHELA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2021/2022 Correlation among nature, culture and humankind, from modern to medieval ballads MONTELLI, FRANCESCA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Eva Figes’ Days and the construction of women’s identity FEDELE, VIVIANA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2023/2024 Fairy tale revolution: Angela Carter, feminism and the challenge to patriarchal culture in girls' education MORELLI, AURORA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Frankenstein; or, the modern adaptation PALMIERI, DAVIDE ROCCO
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2020/2021 George Gissing’s New Grub Street: analysis and criticism. FRACASSI, ANGELA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2022/2023 Hilda Doolittle's mythopoetic writing based on the revision of the mythological figure of Helen of Troy. PACIFICI, GAIA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Homosexual and Lesbian Literature after Oscar Wilde’s trials: dynamics of censorship and self-censorship TESTA, GAIA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2022/2023 I wrote my way out: Jeanette Winterson's deconstruction of binarism through the story of her life PULSONI, FRANCESCA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2021/2022 Il trauma del Middle Passage: dai fantasmi in "Feeding the Ghosts" di Fred D'Aguiar alle voci spezzate in "Zong!" di Marlene Nourbese Philip ANTONELLI, MARTINA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2020/2021 L'importanza di essere in un mondo che non ti vede: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in Purple Hibiscus e Half Of a Yellow Sun. BIETTI, MATTIAS
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Motherhood in Nigerian literature: A study on The Joys of Motherhood and Stay with me GIORGI, CLAUDIA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2021/2022 Non-binary gender identities representation in literature: Written on the Body by Jeanette Winterson SCAPPATICCI, CHIARA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Nostalgia for a Missing Past The Imperialist Project in the British Canon and the Reappropriation of Identities in Jean Rhys and Caryl Phillips FARINA, FEDERICA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2022/2023 On Fairy Stories: Fantasy, Worldbuilding and Sub-creation in J.R.R. Tolkien SAMI, GIULIA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray: The Portrait in Space and Time HOXHA, PAMELA
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 33
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