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Tipo Anno Accademico Titolo Autore file(s)
Laurea Magistrale 2020/2021 A Susceptible-Infected-Removed (SIR) model of COVID-19 epidemic trend in Lviv-Ukraine using a data fitting approach TETTEH, EVANS TEIKO
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Application of the neural networks for developing new parameterization of the Tersoff potential for carbon NWACHUKWU, ANTHONY CHUKWUEMEKA
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Artificial Neural Networks for the Application to Reactive Flow Simulations. CABRERA ORMAZA, MARLON DANILO
Laurea Magistrale 2020/2021 Automated system of text documents summarization using machine learning methods POLISHCHUK, OREST
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Calibration of zero-coupon bonds using affine term structures PHUNTSHO, TSHEWANG
Laurea Magistrale 2020/2021 Computer modelling of the pollution of soil with oil BOAMAH, ELIZABETH ADOMAKO
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Control Strategies for the Hegselman-Krause Opinion Formation Model FIGUEROA ALVAREZ, AIDA SARAI
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Decision Making in Turbulent Environments OYERO, JOHNSON OLUBORI
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Geometric algebra applications MACHALEK, LUKAS
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Hybrid Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Compressible Stokes problem RAJAN, BHARATHWAJ
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 I3−/3I− redox system and its redox reactions. Quantum calculations. LEWANDOWSKI, MATEUSZ
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Influence of addition of Carbon Nanotubes on rheological properties of selected lubricants - A computer simulation study CHOPRA, ANJALI
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Learning affine predictors for model predictive control via artificial neural networks: an application to building energy management and climate control SEIFU, DAGMAWI ABRAHAM
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Mixing of passive scalars advected by incompressible fields ADELOWO, ADEBANJI OLUWATIMILEYIN
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Model identification of COVID-19 epidemic in Italy CARDINALE, SONIA
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Molecular dynamics simulations of the thermal conductivity of penta-graphene MUNA, ISYNA IZZAL
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Multi-phase Interface Area Calculation Using Iso-Alpha Method. RAJU, JOBIN
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 Multivariate Haar Wavelets: Construction and Applications OWUSU-AGYEMANG, YAW
Laurea Magistrale 2020/2021 News Text summarization using advanced machine learning techniques AKHMETZIANOV, ARTEM
Laurea Magistrale 2019/2020 On the Singular Local Limit of a Traffic Flow Model with Non-local Flux: a Relaxation Approach BENTAIBI, MOHAMED
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