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Tipo Anno Accademico Titolo Autore file(s)
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 A deep learning-based technique to classify near-source and far-source earthquakes ADEBOWALE, ABIODUN SAHEED
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 A new approach for automatic defect detection via thermal image processing and deep learning tools NABOTH, STEPHEN NKYA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Ad-hoc preprocessing and Machine Learning techniques to distinguish cancer types IBRAHEEM, RASHEED OYEWOLE
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 An Empirical Analysis of Cloud Data Center Traces: Workload, Energy and Thermal Analysis JHA, MAYANK RAJ
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Artificial Neural Networks Implementation to Predict the Solution of Nonlinear ODE System for the Application to Turbulent Combustion Modeling ABOURAYYA, AMR USAMA MAHMOUD NASR
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Building a Knowledge graph for fleet project as to optimize attendance ORJI, VICTOR ENYINNAYA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 DECISION TREES (CART) & BOOSTING METHODS MANAM, BHARGAV RAMUDU
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Development of a numerical tool to extract 3D geometries from experimental images of mouse lung OJO, SULEIMAN ADEBOWALE
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Edge Data Management with Symbolic Representation KANATBEKOVA, MEERZHAN
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Finite elements for incompressible Stokes flow in high-contrast media - A computational study NYADOR, JONAS KWAME MAWULI TAWIAH
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Heuristic Algorithms for a Vehicle Routing Problem in a Semiconductor Wafer Manufacturing System. AGBAMU, PEACE OGHOGHO
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Homogenization of continuous-time Markov chain ROTIMI-AYENI, TOLUWALOJU FOLASHADE
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Il metodo della Varietà Invariante nella modellistica cinetica DANIEL, DAVID OLUTUNDE
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Mathematical modelling of the food intake dynamics and the effects of Leptin and Insulin KANUMOORI, DEVA SIVA SAI MURARI
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Modelling, Simulation and Optimization of Pressure Retarded Osmosis (PRO) power station: co vs. counter-current setting. BOLORUNDURO, OLAKUNLE OLANIYI
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Multi-population dynamics with label switching and applications to nonlocal modelling of epidemics MARTINEZ MARQUEZ, RAFAEL ALEJANDRO
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Multiphase CFD Modelling and Simulation of Evaporation from Porous Media RAJ, ROHIT
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Numerical method for Weak Gravitational Formulation BONETTI, EDOARDO
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Numerical Modelling for Supply Chains AKINWANDE, MAGRET TOLULOPE
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