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Tipo Anno Accademico Titolo Autore file(s)
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Racial and Gender Discriminations Through Black British Literature: an Analysis of Small Island, White Teeth, and Girl, Woman, Other D'ALESSIO, FRANCESCA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 Reflexiones lingüísticas sobre el fenómeno de las Batallas de gallos LANCIONE, ANGELA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Side Effects of Technology on Human Behaviour. Analysis of J.G. Ballard's Science Fiction Trilogy. SANTUCCI, MARTINA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Signs in the Digital Context and Social Media: A Semiotic Analysis of Instagram. PANTANO, MARIANNA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 “So I denounce and I defend and I hate and I love”: encounters, public speeches, and the African American legacy in Invisible Man PERSICHETTI, ALICE
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Stratégies linguistiques, méthodologie et didactique de la langue italienne pour les francophones: de l'ambiance onirique des boulevards de la Ville Lumière à la bouffée d'exotisme des paradis tropicaux du Pacifique. DI FRANCESCO, FEDERICO
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2021/2022 The Manner expression in spontaneous interactions: a cyclic-annotation of Spoken Italian. TACCONE, GIULIA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Translating and Re-translating: a comparative analysis of two Italian versions of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four LANCIOTTI, SARA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Translating Baddawi into Italian. A Multimodal Analysis of Leila Adelrazaq's Representation of the Baddawi Refugee Camp DI CHIRO, MARTINA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Twentieth century children's literature - The memories of P. L. Travers' childhood in the creation of Mary Poppins SPERATI, VALENTINA
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