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Tipo Anno Accademico Titolo Autore file(s)
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Metaphor and ideology: the suffragette movement through its private and public writings. CIUFFETELLI, ELEONORA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2021/2022 Phonetic and phonological aspects of Nigerian English vis-à-vis British English LONGHI, GIORGIA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Regional varieties of English: The accents of West Yorkshire from a diachronic perspective DE NITTIS, ALESSANDRO
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Threatening speech acts in the British TV series “Peaky Blinders” ABATE, NOEMI
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Translating and Re-translating: a comparative analysis of two Italian versions of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four LANCIOTTI, SARA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2020/2021 Uses of the word "gay" in British and American English LUCIANI, SAMUELE
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