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Tipo Anno Accademico Titolo Autore file(s)
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Motherhood in Nigerian literature: A study on The Joys of Motherhood and Stay with me GIORGI, CLAUDIA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Nostalgia for a Missing Past The Imperialist Project in the British Canon and the Reappropriation of Identities in Jean Rhys and Caryl Phillips FARINA, FEDERICA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray: The Portrait in Space and Time HOXHA, PAMELA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Racial and Gender Discriminations Through Black British Literature: an Analysis of Small Island, White Teeth, and Girl, Woman, Other D'ALESSIO, FRANCESCA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2018/2019 Sméagol and Gollum The Double in The Lord of the Rings MANENTE, ANDREA
Laurea triennale (Bachelor's Degree) 2019/2020 The English Industrial Novel: Hard Times and the dehumanization of the industrial condition ROTINI, MARTINA
Laurea magistrale (Postgraduate Degree) 2020/2021 Twentieth century children's literature - The memories of P. L. Travers' childhood in the creation of Mary Poppins SPERATI, VALENTINA
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